CRSM Earns High Marks on Cristo Rey Network Benchmarks

Nov 30, 2021 | Academic

Academic rigor and commitment to college enrollment truly sets CRSM apart, as evidenced by recent data that shows CRSM reaching top marks among the 38 Cristo Rey Network schools on readiness for college, graduates doing well in college, AP tests and more.

Each year the Cristo Rey Network shares an annual data directory which is an opportunity for us to measure how we are doing relative to the other 38 schools from across the Cristo Rey network on key benchmarks, said Mike Odiotti, principal.

AP Test Results

  • AP Physics: CRSM, 50%, Network, 10%
  • AP Government: CRSM, 40%, Network, 9%
  • AP US: CRSM: 44%, Network, 14%
  • AP Seminar: CRSM: 93%, Network, 76%
  • AP Bio: CRSM 16%, Network, 9 %
  • AP English Language: CRSM, 25%, Network, 20%
  • AP English Lit: CRSM 14%, Network, 10%
  • AP Calculus: CRSM, 8 %; Network, 6%
  • AP World: CRSM, 9%, Network 12%
  • AP Spanish Language: 83%, Network, 86%
  • AP Spanish Literature: CRSM, 49%, Network, 60%

AP Tests Passed

Ranked second out of 38 schools: Dallas, 182; CRSM, 156.


Ranked 2nd in total STEM tests passed and 1st in percentage of STEM tests passed.


CRSM is the number one leader in the network for high school retention.

88 % of the students in the classes of 2019, 2020 and 2021 demonstrated ninth grade through high school graduation retention.

They are followed by Atlanta with 85%.

College Readiness

59% of the Class of 2022 students are deemed ready for college, which is second place in the network after New York, with 68% and a 37% average for network schools.