Stepping It Up in the Workplace
January 31, 2021

Arlene, CRSM ’23, has been working with Discover Financial Services in Compliance Operations every Thursday this school year. But during CRSM’s two-week holiday break, Discover experienced what executives there described as an unusual and significant increase in work volume.

Kim Lotz, Senior Manager of Compliance Programs, talked about the situation-

“Obviously, the holidays are a bad time for an unexpected spike in business; Arlene stepped up and worked what amounted to a full-time schedule throughout her entire holiday break. Her efforts were a huge help in getting through a very high-volume time period. Navigating through our systems and producing quality results is something that comes very naturally for Arlene. She is doing the work of an analyst, and has a fantastic work-ethic. We are thrilled to have her as part of our team.”

Rick Weil, Senior Manager of Enterprise Security, speaking about the Corporate Work Study Program said,

”I should mention that in addition to Arlene, we also have Marcos, a CRSM student, working in our Global Command Center doing intelligence reports. They are both outstanding. CRSM students are responsive, show initiative, they check in with me, and very important – they’re not afraid to ask questions when there’s an issue.
I’ll say that it was a bit daunting when I first found out that I had two students to manage. When I met them, I thought they were seniors. Two weeks later, I found out that they were sophomores. They’ve been working remotely – and there’s never been a hitch. Their capabilities free-up team members to do even more important work.”

Great work Arlene!


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