Cristo Rey St. Martin Alumni

Our alumni support services are dedicated to continuing to build and strengthen close relationships with CRSM graduates to extend our community in a supportive and active way through college, career and life. We offer college academic counseling and career coaching and encourage alumni to stay connected through communication, programs, service opportunities and events. 

We hope that as you move through college, your career, start a family, relocate or go through any other major life change, you’ll stay in touch so we can celebrate your good news and stay connected with our CRSM community and family. Your success, your stories are inspiring and we want to keep telling them and sharing them to celebrate the ways you are making a difference in the world. 

Come visit us anytime. We’d love to see you on campus volunteering with us, stopping by to say hello and possibly one day becoming part of our faculty or staff. 

Alumni Support

Melissa Chavez

Director of Alumni Support
Alumni Support
Phone: 224-219-9727 ext. 308

Mary Ann Hocter

Director of Alumni Career Support
Alumni Support
Phone: 847-971-5289

Alumni News