Marketing Typical Responsibilities

Students have substantial responsibilities as a valued team member in marketing departments throughout area companies. Look through some of the activities below to get ideas on how Cristo Rey students can start contributing to your bottom line.
Consumer Research

Review Customer Feedback
Report on client social media accounts, i.e. posts on LinkedIn and summarize comments with the goal of identifying marketing targets for future posts.

Analyze Source
Analyze and summarize customer feedback from Amazon and other review sources and document findings.

Support development of clients’ new social media playbook and practices by compiling data on followers across each social media channel.

Create sentiment reports based on positive, negative or neutral feedback from client social media pages.

Assist with live Twitter session
Work with supervisor to fact check answers to customer questions in real time.

Research consumer habits for specific product line in Hispanic market and report findings to client team for use in marketing strategy.

Research clients’ competitors and their specific product line. Compile and report findings including competitor customer incentive and loyalty programs.

Research and summarize weekly sales for individual geographic markets and stores for specific product area.

Online Marketing

Social Media Calendar
Build weekly and monthly client social media calendar: Determine date, time and channel used for client posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Curate Content
Curate content for social media channels, research and catalog specific articles, develop summarized descriptions and title tags.

Review Client Social Media Presence
Provide suggestions for prompting user comments on client Facebook page.

Utilize Client Application
Use client monitoring application to identify social media posts impacting client brand; flag posts across social media platforms and alert client team to act.

Content Development

Review submissions of employee stories for advertising campaign: make recommendations and communicate with employees about next steps.

Edit corporate videos for presentations and online posting.

Support Client Website Re-launch. Check product information on website for spelling, grammar and correct links.

Product Brochure Revisions. Cross check between client website and product catalog for all client products and documents for error.

As we rethink our social media practices, the list of followers, who they are, what they’re clicking on, etc. will be a huge factor in determining our audience and their interests.

Erik has worked to compile this helpful information by gathering engagement data across each social channel and putting it into our Sharepoint site. The data collected will help us form our new social media playbook and practices.

 Kurt Vlodek,
Marketing Content Producer, UL

CWSP Staff

Tom Arens

CWSP Coordinator
Phone: 847-714-3343

Giselle Baca

CWSP Coordinator
Phone: 224-637-9563

Lori Bell

CWSP Coordinator | Operations Lead
Phone: 847-477-2601 ext. 182

Marcelino Hernandez

CWSP Transportation Coordinator
Phone: 847-344-7273

Mari-Lou Menezes

IVC Volunteer

Keith Schoeneberger

IVC Volunteer

Brian Weinberg

Director, Corporate Work Study Program
Phone: 224-219-9724 ext. 254

Dulce Zariñana

CWSP Coordinator
Phone: (847) 445-1673


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