Legal Typical Responsibilities

Students have substantial responsibilities as a valued team member in law departments throughout area companies. Look through some of the activities below to get ideas on how Cristo Rey students can start contributing to your bottom line.

Contract Execution Tracking: Contract review, identify signees, ship in accordance with instructions to appropriate signee and track to ensure compliance with contract terms and processes.

Contract Inventory and Compliance: Maintain master customer contract database and related stipulations. Author communications to client partners globally requesting contract information to be housed in master database.

Business Associate (BA) Agreement Review: Check BA agreements, as part of larger service agreements, for effective date, formatting, and contract terms.

Bankruptcy contracts: Draft demand letters and compile documentation for bankruptcy including compiling contracts until net worth is zero and pay history.

Case Status: Access case management system, review documents, complete all steps necessary to update file status including index of documents, record document status in case management system. 

Litigation File/Subpoenas: Gather related reports and correspondence to support fulfillment of subpoenas.  Organize, scan and index files to compile information to respond to requests. 

Manage highly confidential documentation for employee relations cases including communication with internal and external counsel. 

Conduct Online Research for regulatory and business cases, document the source information, and surface questions. 

Review Cases in which parties have waived certain sections of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and summarize findings.

Draft Written Materials to send to clients including offer letters, invoices, and relevant sections of the UCC.

Identify Attorneys in specific practice area in different states with whom to build relationships – document background and recommendations. 

Record Audit/Retention Project:  Paralegal level responsibilities for significant record audit/retention project to: ensure policy requirements met, required documents are retained and tracked and unnecessary documents purged. 

Translation: Work with an investigator to translate information to and from client in relation to client’s case. 

Rebecca brought a level of intelligence and efficiency to the job we would never have expected from a high school student, and certainly not a Freshman. She listened carefully to instructions, and asked appropriate questions. The work she produced was accurate and she required minimal supervision. She freed us up to focus on other tasks knowing that we could trust her to complete her work in a competent and professional manner. We are so grateful that she was with us this year!

– Mary M., CVS Health


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