Corporate Work Study Program Benefits

Our Work Study Program has wide-reaching benefits, not only for our students, but for the local businesses and the greater Waukegan community.

Download our Corporate Work Study Brochure. 

Benefits for Businesses and Organizations
  • Invests in the development of diverse college-educated talent and the workforce of the future that is well-trained, reliable, cost-effective and technically proficient.
  • Provides leadership and mentorship opportunities to managers.
  • Decreases economic inequality and advances racial equity.
  • Achieves diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.
  • Makes a significant positive impact on employees, students, families and the community. 
Benefits for Students
  • Exposes students to a variety of career paths available with a college degree, inspiring new trajectories 
  • Develops early professional experience and skills along with mentors and networks that lead to future workplace success.
  • Offsets the cost of tuition making a college preparatory education possible.
  • Teaches students to take ownership and responsibility for their own success

Benefits to the Community
  • Creates greater educational options for young people in marginalized and underserved communities like Waukegan and North Chicago.
  • Provides a unique partnership between area businesses and organizations to work together for a better prepared workforce run by citizens who make a difference.

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CWSP Staff

Tom Arens

CWSP Coordinator
Phone: 847-714-3343

Giselle Baca

CWSP Coordinator
Phone: 224-637-9563

Lori Bell

CWSP Coordinator | Operations Lead
Phone: 847-477-2601 ext. 182

Marcelino Hernandez

CWSP Transportation Coordinator
Phone: 847-344-7273

Brisel Jiménez

CWSP Coordinator
Phone: 847-445-1673

Mari-Lou Menezes

IVC Volunteer

Keith Schoeneberger

IVC Volunteer

Brian Weinberg

Director, Corporate Work Study Program
Phone: 224-219-9724 ext. 254


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Work-Study Program Spotlights Mid-Year Milestones

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Winning the COVID-19 Corporate Work Shuffle

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