Students Return to the Classroom and Workplace to Kick off 2022-23 School Year
August 22, 2022

It is Monday morning and the first day of school at CRSM. The entire community of 406 students, including the new freshman Class of 2026, and about 100 faculty, staff and volunteers gathered at 8:15 a.m. in the cafeteria for a kick-off assembly.

“We want you to do well, do your best, and think about how everything we do here is in caring for others,” said President Preston Kendall.

Several current students and alumna Daniela Sanchez, a Class of ’19 graduate and junior at Lake Forest College, shared tips and advice for incoming freshman and for the entire student body as they head into the 2022-23 school year.

“You are very lucky to be part of a network of teachers, work partners and a community that cares for you so deeply and is here to help you, not just in high school, but in college and the workforce,” said Sanchez. “Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities that are here for you.”

Principal Mike Odiotti reminded those gathered that this assembly is only one of two times in the year (because of the work-study program job commitments) that the entire community meets together. He shared the inspiration his mother gave him early on. While a student at Northwestern University, his mother was told “Women can’t become doctors.” Instead, his mom became a nurse, but always regretted not being able to pursue her larger dream and shared with her son: “Never let someone else define your reality.” Dr. Odiotti recalls those words and said to students: “Let this remind you that despite whatever challenges you may face, you can take charge of your destiny.”