CRSM Students Stage Fundraiser for Immigrant Support Home

Apr 7, 2023 | Campus Ministry

Students honored Holy Thursday with a special “casual dress day” fundraiser.  Sponsored by the OPT Club, (Oportunidades Para Todos/Opportunities for All), students were allowed to dress in casual clothes, instead of their usual dress code standards, in exchange for a small donation.

The $756.25 in donations from the students, (faculty and staff also made small contributions) will be given to Bethany House of Hospitality in Chicago, which offers housing and support services to young immigrant women as they journey to independence. The female asylum-seeking refugees come from 18 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South and Central America. In the fall, students raised $705.00 for the Viatorian House of Hospitality in Des Plaines, which is run by the Viatorians (CRSM sponsors) and is for young men. To participate, students paid $2 if they wore purple or white for Lent, or $3 for simply dressing down.

Everyone was enthusiastic, and many students just threw in $5.00 and said, ‘keep the change,” said Iris Sanchez, campus minister who along with Jim Dippold, Director of Campus Ministry, moderates the club. “They really are all about creating awareness of social injustices.” Iris added that the student organization will have a booth at an Issue Showcase on Feb. 21st at Waukegan High School.