Govenor Pritzker Visits CRSM

May 31, 2022 | Development

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker joined legislators, community leaders and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity at Cristo Rey St. Martin on May 9 to announce $30 million in funding for over a dozen projects that aim to reduce stormwater flooding in the county.

Specifically, the governor announced a multi-million dollar flood control project that has been earmarked on the property to the north and west of our campus, known as Dady Slough. Twenty-five acres will be returned to native plant species and become a wildlife preserve.

CRSM science classes and the Environmental Club plan on participating in the restoration and maintenance of this preserve.

Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) told those attending that flooding near Dady Slough in Park City has impacted 800 nearby families.

“Stormwater and flood management is a top priority in our region. That’s why I’ve helped fund three local stormwater management projects in Washington and why I’m proud to celebrate the success of the state in Rebuild Illinois, delivering $30 million in state funding for Lake County stormwater management alone,” Schneider said.

Funded by Rebuild Illinois and the American Rescue Plan Act through the FY22 state funding bill, work on 14 projects throughout Lake County is set to begin this year.

Pritzker said the critical projects aim to address stormwater runoff that causes flooding and can carry pollutants into waterways such as lakes, streams and wetlands.

“Lake County is renowned for its natural beauty – but the waterways that make this region such a great place to live require high quality, efficient infrastructure,” Pritzker said at the presentation.

Lake County Board Chair Sandy Hart said the stormwater infrastructure projects will “have immediate positive impact that will last for decades.”

“All 14 of these projects are important, but the infrastructure improvements at Dady Slough will address flooding that devastated this area just a few short years ago. It is expected to benefit more than 800 properties in the Cities of Waukegan and Park City, bringing much-needed relief to disadvantaged residents in our county,” said Kurt Woolford, the executive director for the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission.