Rosalind Franklin Surgeon and Med Students Conduct Suture Clinic to Inspire Medical Careers for CRSM Students
March 17, 2023

Thirty CRSM students attended an on-site, hands-on suture clinic on Thursday after school in CRSM’s chemistry lab. Hosted by Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in North Chicago, the clinic was designed to inspire budding doctors, surgeons and careers in medicine.

The clinic was led by Noreen Kelly, MD and Clinical Assistant Professor at Rosalind, and eight medical students who are members of the Chicago Medical School Association of Women Surgeons.  This is “a great example of the many exploratory workshops and opportunities CRSM college counselors and teachers offer for students to explore prospective careers”, said Michael Odiotti, CRSM principal. 

For Emilyn, a CRSM senior who is headed to Emory University next fall to enroll in pre-med studies, it was an opportunity to get first-hand experience. “I’m very interested in being a surgeon, so I was excited to attend this.” She was one of 29 female students and one male who attended the after school event.

The team provided students with suture kits that mimicked skin to give students an authentic experience. Some of the tools included in the kit were a suture board, rope, artificial skin, a banana, staples and thread.  Students learned stitches to close wounds and prevent bleeds in vascular surgeries by observing Dr. Kelly and the med students. They  then had the opportunity to do this themselves multiple times with direct feedback.

“Always know where your needle is,” said Dr. Kelly.

The Med students also offered tips on navigating medical school. “The most important thing you need is self-discipline because the first two years are all about learning as much as you can in all subjects, from cardiology to skin care,” said Horan Yoon, a first-year med student. “Your grades and your MCATs are very important to get admitted, but your personal statement about your passion for medicine and some of the struggles you have faced, is equally important.”