Work-Study Program Spotlights Mid-Year Milestones
February 28, 2022

On Wednesday, February 25th, the Corporate Work Study Program met virtually with its 80 business partners. Participants gathered in round-table discussions meant to maximize the benefits to the companies, managers, student supervisors and Cristo Rey students.

Brian Weinberg, the Director of Corporate Work Study gave updates, some very good news regarding student performance reviews and new information about training and peer mentoring with students.

“The supervisors at our Business Partners are a key component to the success of our Corporate Work Study Program,” says Weinberg. “Their mentorship and supervisory skills help our student workers be more productive, take ownership in their work, and communicate more openly with members of their teams.”

Attendees then broke out into groups to collaborate regarding supervisor feedback techniques and to share their positive experiences and their most challenging situations. The groups reconvened to share their insights.

Weinberg shared the following milestones:

1. Students work for 80 business partners as far north as Kenosha, south as Evanston and west to Rosemont and Antioch.
2. CRSM serves 7% of the total high school population in Waukegan and North Chicago, yet alumni account for 50% of all new bachelor’s degrees earned in Waukegan and North Chicago.
3. 100% of the senior class accepted into 4-year bachelor’s programs for the last two consecutive years and on track for 100% in 2022. Colleges and universities range from Boston, DePaul, Northwestern and Stanford universities to St. Mary’s, St. Olaf, and Hope colleges.