#EvertoExcel: CRSM Tops Network in AP Coursework
October 31, 2022

With 100 percent of CRSM seniors accepted to 4-year college and university bachelor’s programs the last three years in a row and on track for the fourth year, students also are leading the Cristo Rey Network in Advanced Placement courses. Of the 10 AP subject offerings, CRSM exceeded the Cristo Rey Network average in eight subjects.

“I truly believe that exposure to rigorous coursework, like our AP curriculum (and also in our non-AP coursework), is the most important element to prepare students for academic success once they leave us,” said Mike Odiotti, principal. “When compared to our national network, we are leaders in this domain.”

CRSM exceeded the Cristo Rey Network average in eight subjects. These benchmarks include:

  • Ranked at the top of the Network in the AP Literature benchmark, with 36 students passing the course exam
  • In eight out of 10 subjects, ranked in the top three of the number of students earning a three or higher on an exam.
  • Ranked first in American Government, Physics and English Literature
  • Ranked second in Calculus, English Language, Spanish and Spanish Literature
  • Ranked third in World History

Odiotti pointed out that CRSM offers all students access to AP courses, compared to some other Network schools that are more restrictive in deciding who takes these accelerated courses.

 “We do know that our students that go on to study STEM are much more successful in college if they accessed AP coursework while in high school, even if their performance on the exam was not high enough to earn them college credit,” said Odiotti.