“It was time for me to fly,” CRSM Alumna on Graduating from Skidmore and Launching Marketing Career

Oct 27, 2022 | Alumni Spotlight

During the last year and a half, Atzallali Saucedo-Ruiz graduated from Skidmore College, launched her marketing career at an international British-based firm, and moved into her first apartment.

“It was time for me to fly,” says the Class of ’17 CRSM grad and Schuler Scholar, who works in digital marketing at Renishaw Inc. in West Dundee. “It’s been a long, long road and a tough one, but now I’m doing what I love. I also got my own place now, which means I’m independent from my parents.”

Born in Mexico, Atzallali moved to the U.S with her parents when she was six. Though she said the language barrier was “very challenging at first,” she grew to be a bright student at Our Lady of Humility in Beach Park. She was initially on planning to apply to Carmel High School until she discovered CRSM, with the help of her teacher Mrs. Thomas, “and that changed my whole life,” she says.

“At CRSM I had the best teachers and guides like Ms. Bonnerjee, my physics teacher, who really pushed me to be better, and the Dippolds (Christina, CRSM counselor and Jim, Director of Campus Ministry) who modeled compassion for others and helped me learn to take care of my own mental health,” says Atzallali. In college, she thought she was headed for a career in the sciences, until she discovered marketing through her work-study internship at United Way of Lake County.

“I fell in love with storytelling and was intrigued by how people can be affected in a positive way with healthy messaging.” says Atzallali. “I realized how stories can shape the world around us. So, it’s important we are all mindful about what stories we allow to influence our views.”

Lesson to CRSM students: “This is the advice I would have given to a younger me: Don’t be scared to try new things, even things you don’t think you may particularly enjoy. You have time to find yourself, and the time is now, so go for it. Also, if you hit a rough patch, don’t be afraid to reach out for help and support. There are people around you who will be there for you.”